Network for Astronomy School Education
NASE PG is a program for post-graduates. The main objective of NASE is to educate new generations of teachers and re-educate the current ones. We work with university professors in order to train future teachers and we cooperate with the departments of education in order to train experienced primary and secondary school teachers. NASE created a basic course for training teachers aiming at:

1) teaching astronomy to teachers

2) teaching teachers how to teach astronomy

At the same time, we work with university professors to introduce them to new methods of teaching astronomy.

The topics of “the basic NASE course” are as follows: position astronomy, solar system, exoplanets, spectrography, photometry, spectroscopy, determination of absolute magnitudes, potency of stars, nucleosynthesis, star evolution and cosmology.

Yet NASE is not only about visiting a country once and leaving the scene. The main goal is to set up in each country a local group of NASE members who carry on teaching “the basic NASE course” every year and create new courses by using NASE materials.

This page includes all materials for the basic course and a repository of educational materials for astronomy with activities, animations, articles, photos, games, simulations, interactive programs and videos.

Chair: Rosa M. Ros (Spain). Vice-chair: Beatriz García (Argentina)

Carried out courses[download pdf]
Courses in cooperation[download pdf]